Friday, January 12, 2018

Alternate Reality

While Florida is warm, sunny and friendly there is one funny/interesting thing that stood out to me while we were here.

I'm sure it had to do with the particular area we are staying in, which was a rental house arranged for us.

While there are A LOT of people out on the roads and in stores, there were almost no people in this neighborhood that we stayed in. I would expect even rental neighborhoods in Orlando to be full since it's warm here and cold in many places in the rest of the States. Don't people come here to winter?

But this one sure wasn't full! Thus it felt a little bit like an alternate reality ... as if we were the only ones in this whole neighborhood! Only a few lights are on, almost no cars are driving, and there are no people anywhere to be seen.

There's nothing wrong with that! It just struck me as an interesting fact about this particular part of Florida.

We're off to Washington DC tomorrow. A whole other region of our United States!

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