Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Very Good Trade

Every mommy (and Nonnie!) knows there are certain hours in a day that are better, and worse, than others. This was our worst moment, at 3 PM today. 

Judah had just woken up from a long, two and a half hour nap, but still wasn't feeling well or acting like himself. And Asher is a sympathetic soul so was taking up the cause along with his brother.

But after an hour of this sweetness, Judah began to feel better.

He grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go for a long time...I loved it!

This was Judah at 4 PM.

He was still coughing, but not as much; and the other symptoms from yesterday were so much less.

By 5 PM, a little miracle took place!

He asked if we could go play! And I was more than happy to oblige his wish to go to Papa and Nonnie's room for that. I mean, how much fun is turning on and off the light switch for a half hour??? A lot when you're two years old!

Asher recovered well from his brother's two sad days and wolfed down his beets tonight!

And after dinner, we had a nice long hour in Papa and Nonnie's room playing with all sorts of interesting things. 😂

Isn't it funny that you can have all sorts of toys and what they end up liking the most are doors, keys, shoes and light switches??

I'm almost to the end of "Nonnie Camp", which feels a little sad. Who doesn't love seeing a sweet face like this every day??

But the very special part of this week is that it's actually just laid a foundation for what will be normal life having these two live just a half hour away in Ostrava!

It's been my absolute delight to love, care, nurture and invest in Judah and Asher during this week while Tyler and Lara have been at our JV Winter Academy, and it warms my heart that they know Papa and Nonnie's house now, and have had extended time with me this week to begin the bonding process.

While I missed being there with our team, it was definitely the right trade for me to be at home with the little ones while their mommy and daddy were up there with everyone.

I wouldn't have traded it for anything.


  1. I could hardly wait to get to the end of the day and see your update! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!