Saturday, January 27, 2018

Enjoying My Kids

Over the past eight and a half years since Tyler first left home for college in the States, it's been very rare to have all three of our kids home at the same time. In fact, it's been rare to have even two of them here!

So having Tyler and Claire in the house this past week has been a delight! I love listening to them relate as siblings, friends, and enjoyers of theology, books, music, art and coffee!

When I've come downstairs to our kitchen each morning, it has smelled like a coffee shop as Tyler, a former barista, perfectly brews up something. Claire is actually good at it too (she had good teachers in her brothers, both baristas!).

This morning they were trying out a Christmas gift that was given to Dave from one of our JV team members. It's a homemade pour-over coffee apparatus!

It just delighted me to hear Tyler explaining it as he worked his coffee magic! And I love that these two are here right now to share life, close up and personal, and of course with Lara, Judah and Asher too.

We're just missing Caleb and Haley to make it complete!

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