Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Patty Family in Flight

It's a quiet night at the airport in Washington, DC.

There's not even one person at the check-out counter where we'll check in soon for our flight back across the ocean to our home in Czech.

I was hanging out with our bags after Dave dropped me off so he could return our rental car. While waiting I texted back and forth with Tyler on their last night in the US. Tomorrow THEY fly to Czech! (well, technically we all fly to Krakow, Poland...but we're all on our way home to Czech!).

I sent this picture to Judah to tell him Nonnie is flying first and will see him there soon.

Tyler wrote me back with the sweetest note: "As I was putting Judah to bed I was talking to him about our trip tomorrow and I asked him, 'where are we going?' And he said, 'papa and nonnie!' I said, 'yes, but we are also going to Czech. 'No, go papa and nonnie!' He is very excited to see you both."

And we're soooooo excited to see him and his family!!

But first, we've got our own flight to take. I counted exactly one person who came through these doors while I waited for Dave. I have never seen it so quiet at a major airport before! It's a nice change from the usual hustle and bustle of airports.

Unbelievably, our flight is nearly empty as well.

Soon we'll be off the ground and headed for home!

....And that's as far as I got writing last night! I had hoped to post this but didn't make it in time while I still had wifi. So the story continues!

We took off and then Dave and I each grabbed an empty row (there were so many!), stretched out and slept THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. This never happens.

The funny thing is that I had just said to Dave as we were getting on the plane, walking through first class, "Just one day in my life I'd like to stretch out and sleep on a flight over the ocean", assuming the only way to do it would be in that section.

But no! The Lord heard that cry and made another way to answer. It was the fastest flight ever! We stopped in Munich for a few hours of layover and then continued on to where we are for the night...tucked away in the hotel across from the Krakow airport.

And tomorrow...we'll be back at the airport to greet Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher Patty as the newest JV missionaries to come give their lives for the sake of the Gospel in Central and Eastern Europe!

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