Friday, January 19, 2018

Simply Unforgettable

Last night was one of those moments in time that I'll never forget: waiting at the airport for Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher to arrive from the States to begin their life as missionaries with Josiah Venture!

While Dave and I waited during the day in Krakow, Poland (since we'd just arrived from the States the day before), Claire drove from our home in Frydlant last night to join us in the wait.

Since they weren't landing into the country where they'll be serving, I love that Claire made little Czech Republic flags to wave for them in celebration of them coming to serve here!

After a 28 hour trip, that included a seven and a half hour delay in their arrival due to a huge storm in Amsterdam, the first of the Patty family peeked their head out of baggage claim.

And then suddenly, there they were! Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher Patty: the newest JV missionaries!

Asher is just behind Judah in his infant seat!

With ten pieces of checked luggage, two car seats, a guitar, numerous backpacks and two carryons, they made it!!

For the past three and a half years they have been moving towards this moment. I remember the very day when we met them at Moody while they were still students, when they told us they felt God calling them to Czech.

And now the moment has finally arrived, and now they begin their missionary lives!

This is one of those moments of life that is simply unforgettable. They'll remember this night for the rest of their lives.

And so will we!

What a special moment to say hello to our two grandsons who will live just a half hour away from us now.

As the clock inched towards midnight, we finished our hellos and headed out to the parking lot.

With one car already full of Dave's and my luggage from our trip to the States and back, Claire had brought my car which needed to fit in ALL of Tyler and Lara's things.

"No problem," says Dave and Tyler Patty!

And sure enough, within minutes, they had it all tucked away in the car and we were ready to head for home, a two hour drive away.

This family displayed tremendous faith, courage and resilience today as they journeyed from their home in Chattanooga, Tennessee to the Czech Republic where they will soon begin their lives. We are so proud of them!

And we're also delighted that we get to have them at our house for a couple of weeks before they move into their apartment in Ostrava!

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  1. Oh my! Wow! Its amazing... so beautiful... tears in my eyes...