Sunday, January 28, 2018

Change of Evening Plan

At 5:30 this evening I got a phone call that completely changed my evening plans.

By any chance do you recognize where that phone call sent me?

How about this clue??

Still haven't figured it out?

I'm in Poland. Back at the Krakow airport. With Claire.

Thankfully she came with me as it would not have been near as enjoyable of a trip without her to keep me company.

But why oh why did we make a four hour evening trip to the airport, when there was no one there to pick up??

Because somehow ... and we have absolutely no idea how ... when Dave got to security to pull out his passport (he's on his way to Estonia tonight), my passport was in his briefcase.

That was not a good thing as I leave tomorrow by train for a night in Vienna before a doctor's appointment. Then have a flight to Krakow on Tuesday evening to meet back up with Dave before we head to the States on Wednesday morning.

And if I didn't have my passport, I wouldn't be going anywhere! You really aren't supposed to cross country borders without it. I couldn't check into a hotel without it. And I certainly couldn't fly without it.

We seriously have no idea how my passport snuck its way into his briefcase. It is always in my purse.

Except for tonight!

So Claire was willing to accompany me on that four hour drive back and forth to the airport where Dave had left it in his car for me. I am SO glad he saw it in his briefcase before flying to Estonia, and so thankful he saw it when he still had time to run it out to his car!

"Thanks for being such good company tonight, Claire! This will probably be one of those memories we'll remember for a long time!"

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