Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Prayers for Healing

As I was walking into the conference center for dinner this evening I was completely stopped in my tracks by the beauty of a Florida sunset over the top of the facility.

It was a visible reminder of God's presence at this conference, and the work that he's doing in the lives of those here.

Then, just minutes later I received a text from my son Tyler saying they were rushing our grandson, Judah, to the ER in Tennessee. "He's having trouble breathing and is very lethargic," he wrote.

WOW. In one moment the awesome power of God is displayed in a beautiful sunset, and just moments later the enemy attacks that awesomeness.

But having walked this road many times before with my own small children, I knew the very BEST place to go when under attack ... straight to my AWESOME FATHER!

A friend and I prayed right away, and throughout the rest of the evening, even as Dave spoke, I was praying for Judah and his parents.

It wasn't until tonight when I got home that I heard from Tyler: "Just got's confirmed he has a serious strain of flu... and maybe early signs of pneumonia. We'll give him antibiotics for that, and just have to wait out the flu."

From whichever side this is coming from ... an attack of the enemy on this little family who is one week away from leaving for the Czech Republic as new JV missionaries ... or a sovereign God who knows this fits perfectly into his plan ... will you pray with me for Judah's healing??

"Father, I thank you that you are the Lord who heals. I trust you with this sickness, knowing you are fully aware of what's happening right now. I ask in faith that you bring healing to Judah's body quickly. I trust you for your perfect plan for him and his family, and trust that you will use this sickness for good, protecting him and his family from the enemy's attack, and restoring his body to health in your perfect timing. You are a good, good Father who cares and loves this family - may they know that more deeply, being surrounded by the prayers of many as they walk through this sickness. Thank you for your loving care over them."