Saturday, January 20, 2018

Best Caleb in My World

Oh how I miss this cheery face, especially on this day, his birthday!!

Caleb turns 25 years old today...a quarter of a century!! I'm not sure how that happened when it really doesn't seem that long ago that we were celebrating birthdays in the single digits, like this one where he turned TWO!

What delight and joy Caleb has brought us for these twenty five years! His effervescence, inquisitiveness, adventurousness and determination to conquer made him a special boy all the way back to these days.

And that spirit just continued on through his teenage years, and into adulthood!

In fact, if he could have had his wish today, he would have been doing this in Colorado on his he did when he was just nine!

That was his very first snowboard way back then...and he's still doing it today in Colorado.

Or rather, he would be today except that he is sick, along with his little boy Charlie. So the two of them are hanging out at home in Fort Collins while Haley cooks up some delicious food and bakes him a birthday cake!

Oh how I love you Caleb! And am so thankful God brought you to us twenty five years ago. My life has been so touched and enriched by you year after year. I look forward to all the years ahead, seeing what God has in store for you and your precious family as you follow him to what he has prepared for you! Happy birthday to the best Caleb in my whole wide world!

Getting his first ever birthday present from his son today! 

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