Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Things I Forgot

It's been a long time since I had little ones at home. So long that in some ways I'd forgotten what it's like. You live a very different life when you have a two year old and 7 month old in your care!

Here are a few of the things I'd forgotten.

1. Morning snuggles are a sweet deal!

How I've loved cuddling up with the boys when they first wake up. It's a bit tricky to get it in with both of them, but I've managed and loved it!

2. Breakfast tastes better if you hold something; for Judah it's Bobo Bunny!

3. Kitchen drawers are some of the best forms of entertainment.

His delight at finding various odd utensils was hilarious. I wished I'd videoed it! I also realized there were some things in there that were NOT for little hands. OOPS! Glad we got the meat pounder out of there. HAHA!

4. Peppa Pig is great entertainment too!

She's new to me as she wasn't around when my kids were little. But she was a lifesaver this morning when Asher was having a rough morning (teething) and Judah needed a distraction from his brother's distress. And I actually enjoyed watching with him as I held Asher!

5. The teething thing is still A DEAL!!

Oh these poor little ones who have to endure teeth pushing through their gums. You wish there was something that would make the pain go away; but since there isn't, you do any and every thing to help them through a day when those teeth are coming in.

6. The front pack is a wonderful source of comfort!

We walked around the house for an hour, as that was THE ONLY THING that soothed him ... for an hour. At least it worked for that time!

Chipped fingernail polish is also a deal when you have little ones...no time to take it off or put new polish on!

7. I want to hug the person who invented the pacifier. And I wish we had a dozen of them!

These have been around a long time...and for good reason. As I've been typing this, both boys have woken up at different times since I put them to bed...both just needed their "pop", as they call them, and a hug, then they fell back asleep. YAY for pacifiers!

8. At the end of yesterday I realized that I had hardly taken a drink ALL day.

I'd forgotten how hard it is to remember to take care of yourself when you're loving on little ones. Today I went and found a new water bottle that I'd stashed away and managed to drink three full ones throughout the day. I'm sure my body was thanking me.

No time to take off the label...that's another thing I'd forgotten, that you don't care about those kinds of things! πŸ˜‚

 9. If you cook dinner at 12:30, when everyone has gone down for afternoon naps, and pop it in the crockpot, you'll thank yourself at 5:30 when it's time for dinner.

Was in the middle of making spaghetti sauce!

10.  If coffee helps you make it through the day, drink up! While we were in the States someone gave me a new invention (well, it's new to me!) - a mug that keeps your coffee (or any hot beverage) at the same temperature for hours. I just plugged it in today to get it started charging, so we'll see if this is a game changer or not!

11.  Focusing spiritually takes discipline when you have little ones all day.

There were a lot of other things I could have done with my free hour today (when both boys were napping), but I chose to go into the JV Prayer Room and that was a good decision. I needed the refocus and reminder of Truth. It was super refreshing.

12. If a little one is not happy in the morning, it doesn't necessarily mean he will be that way when he wakes up from a nap.

Asher is THE sweetest little guy 99.5 % of the time! But teething got the better of him this morning (and in the evening!). But for the afternoon, he was his sweet, smily self. I love him no matter what though.

13. Pants are optional by the end of the day.

So is focusing solely on the meal! Those binoculars, leftover from Uncle Caleb's childhood days, were a hit all day long!

And just so you know, I kept my pants on! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

I'm sure I could keep this list going for the next few days! But it's been fun to think about it for today.

Oh bless all you mommies out there - mothering is definitely not for the faint of heart! It takes constant focus, energy, time, hands-on attention, love, patience, consistency and evaluation of yourself along the way.

It's been a HUGE blessing to me to get this time with Judah and Asher as their "Nonnie". We're getting into our groove and I'm loving that!

But it's also given me such a new, up close and personal connection to all my mommy friends out there. I ADMIRE YOU ALL! Don't talk bad to yourself ever ever EVER! You're doing such important work and it COUNTS!

Sending you all a big hug today and wishing I could look you in the face and say "You're AMAZING!"


  1. Love this post and the picture of you with Asher in the front pack. Didn't even notice your nailsπŸ˜‰ πŸ’… and your face is just the sweetest - full of patience and love for a hurting baby.😊❤️

  2. Oh Con...this is PRICELESS! I know that your blog is also your life journal and this is going to be a post that you're going to LOVE reading in the years ahead. I love all of your list of things you were aware of as a grandmother. LOVE YOU MUCH and those boys are so blessed to have YOU as their Nonnie!

  3. You are doing a great job at keeping up with the boys but it sure looks like parenting is for those younger than you and I! Great job at Nonnie Camp this week, I love the stories. It wears me out just thinking of your day keeping up with the boys. Just think, you will be getting so much great bonding time in the next few years:)