Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mini Family Reunion

Our long flight across the ocean from Frankfurt, Germany landed us here for a layover this afternoon. Any guesses which airport it is?

Does seeing these people give you any more clues?

Yes, our eleven hour flight from Europe landed in Denver for a three hour layover!

Not only did Caleb, Haley and Charlie come to see us, but some other dear ones as well. Recognize any of these people on the escalator?!

That's Dave's mom and dad who came to be with us too! What an amazing treat to get to see them.

We had THE BEST three hours together with everyone, enjoying conversation and a meal together ... and of course, delighting in our five month old grandson, Charlie!

When we saw them in December, we thought that we wouldn't see them again until June. What a gift it was to have even a few hours with them!

This little boy reminds me so much of Caleb when he was a baby that it was like going back in time.

He has beautiful features of his mommy, but that solid little body of his reminds me completely of his daddy! I couldn't believe my arms could have "muscle memory" for 25 years and instantly recall what it was like to hold Caleb as a baby.

Dave said the same thing when he got his turn to hold Charlie!

Those three hours with everyone passed by in a flash - much too quickly! Seemingly all of a sudden it was time to take a picture all together and hurry off to our last flight of the day.

The Lord has been so kind through the years to give us many more times with family than I could have ever imagined. I take each one as a gift, and thank him for his kindness in allowing us these special moments.

"Thank you Dad, Mom, Caleb, Haley and Charlie for making the trip from your Colorado homes to come see us at the airport! That was so meaningful to us. We love you all so much and treasure those few hours we had with you!!"

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