Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Scary Tracks

Chilly outside, Joyce and I stayed in all day today enjoying the view from beside the fireplace as we talked.

Needing to get wood for the fire, I went outside for a few minutes and quickly discovered something disturbing.

Sometime in the night, most likely, we were visited by some type of large animal who left very muddy prints on our stone terrace.

My Croatian friend in town stopped by later and I had her take a look at them. She confirmed that it didn't look like dog prints, but rather some other kind of animal. She didn't speculate on what...I am almost afraid to think about that!

I can tell you that I wasn't very excited to go outside the rest of the day.

Well...except to see this.

Okay...and this too. I'm guessing that animal wouldn't come in daylight, right??!

But as the sun set, I really didn't want to go outside, even though Dave assured me on the phone that most animals are more afraid of me than I am of them.

But just in case, I stayed inside tonight!

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