Sunday, March 10, 2019

Seen and Loved

After an absolutely wonderful Sunday here in Sveta Nedjelja (which means Holy Sunday in Croatian - I always feel like Sundays here are special because of the village's name), I walked outside to see the sunset tonight and was met not only by it, but by this too!

I know that somehow two planes crossed in the sky and made those plumes.

But it just felt too good to attribute it only to that!

I felt like the Lord was chuckling as He led me outside and was saying, "X marks the spot where I see you down there in 'Holy Sunday'!"

It began to dissipate quickly, so He literally had led me out at just the right time to "see" Him waving! HAHA!

The sunset was gorgeous, so I ran up the hill to try and get another view of it.

And lingered there until it was almost down.

I walked back to the house and went inside, only to see that there was one last hurrah for the evening!

So of course had to step out for it.

My sister-in-law and I feel seen and loved on by the Lord as we're here together for these days of our soul spa.

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  1. amazing pics.... enjoy this special time together! love i.