Friday, March 29, 2019

Laborers for the Harvest

In beautiful Zilina, Slovakia this week-end, we're at KPM, an annual conference for youth leaders that has been going on for 26 years!

This conference has literally impacted an entire generation of youth leaders, and teenagers, over these past years, rippling out across the country through youth ministries far and wide.

The leaders who are here this week-end lead youth groups throughout the year, will put on camps all summer; they direct Fusion choirs and tour with EXIT in schools. They lead Edge sports teams, they disciple, pray for, and encourage young people; and of course, they share the Gospel year round.

They are an inspiring bunch, to say the least!

Our dear friend, and co-founder of JV, Dan Hash, was also part of the team bringing messages to these leaders this week-end.

It was so good to hear him teach!

In case you're wondering why there are two other people on stage with him, it's because he spoke both in English and in Polish (since he lives and serves in Poland) so had separate translators into Slovak!

My afternoon was full of wonderful connections with people, like my JV teammate Kim, who brought me to her house for lunch after the morning sessions!

It was also so good to get time with my friend Amy, who is not only a JV teammate, but a fellow grandma to our shared grandson, Charlie! (our kids are married to each other!)

I wish I would have stopped to take pictures of each meaningful conversation I had throughout the day, and of all our other JV staff who are here serving...including the amazing TCKompas team putting on this event!

It's such a privilege to share life and work alongside these people who are laboring for the harvest that we pray so diligently for in this part of the world.

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