Sunday, March 24, 2019

Balls, Books and Baths

Tyler and Lara returned from their trip to Albania last night, after nearly 12 hours in transit.

But as planned ahead of time so that 1. they could get some couple time and 2. so I could get some grandson time, they were here by early afternoon to drop off these little guys for the night!

I'm so thankful the sun was shining so we could go outside and walk the yard, as they love to do!

We dreamed about the summer, and daddy's garden that will once again grow in this spot!

And looked forward to warmer days when we don't have to wear coats when we go out.

It's always hard to imagine long summer days when the sun still sets rather early, and you can't stay outside for long.

So we came inside for sticker books . . .

. . .  french fries from Nonnie's french fryer she got for Christmas!

. . . and giggles on the floor (when Asher suddenly climbed on me as Judah and I lay on the floor reading a book!).

While we all live just a half hour apart, I don't get to see these boys so often, given my travels and their busy lives. So being together is a privilege and joy!

Especially getting to capture such moments of their childhood!

We did take one more little trip outside to kick a ball, and then notice the little doggy that now sits outside the kitchen door, ready to welcome the boys as Kaylee once did.

But then it was back inside for more play . . . who needs toys when you have stairs to proudly practice going up and down on?!

And then time for dinner with Aunt Claire who came over to join us!

Food tastes so much better when holding Aunt Claire's hand while you eat!

Then, of course, the day ended with their beloved bath time!

Maybe I was in too much of a hurry at bath time when my kids were this little as I don't remember these kinds of prolonged play sessions in water!

Then again, maybe this is the privilege that comes as a grandparent! You can just linger over balls, books and baths and enjoy their sweet faces as long as possible when they've come for an overnight!

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