Friday, March 22, 2019

Our Lucy Rose

When Claire was in 5th grade, a family moved to Frydlant to serve at BMA, the high school our kids would all go to later on. Their daughter, Lucy Rose, became one of Claire's closest childhood friends, and still is 15 years later!

A gifted artist and illustrator through her high school years, she took a detour through college to get a degree at Wheaton in English Lit, and then became a CNA (certified nursing assistant). But in the past year God has brought her back to her artistic gifting, and we are all so glad about that!

I can't recommend her Instagram feed enough (see above for where to find her) ... nor her website ... or her project for this year called "The Zine Club".

Which is what I wanted to write about today!

As a way to push herself as an artist, one of the things she's doing is producing a monthly 'zine (get it . . . maga. . .zine?!!). Each month she labors over a completely different art project, themed in some way, that she then prints and mails out to all those who have subscribed for a modest $10/month.

Am I ever glad that Claire and I have the privilege of receiving these each month, even here in Czech!

February's 'zine came to us with a very humorous type-written letter (seen in the photo above . . typed on her grandfather's old typewriter!) which "informed us" that a distant relative had left us a collection of art prints.

Bur really . . . everything from the folder they came in, to the prints themselves . . . had been made by our dear Lucy Rose. And we are DULY impressed!!

Claire and I share the subscription so always wait so we can open it together. This month we happened to be in the car at night . . . but that sure didn't stop us from oohing and ahhing over it, proclaiming our deepest appreciation and admiration for Lucy Rose's artistic gifting!!!

And one final note about our Lucy Rose. She also does incredible two minute portraits . . . either in person at Farmer's Markets around San Marcos, Texas - or by mail order.

In our case, by overseas mail order!

When our sweet Kaylee passed away a few weeks ago, Claire reached out to Lucy Rose and asked if she would do a two minute portrait of Kaylee to give to me.

It arrived in the mail recently and I absolutely adore and cherish it. She totally captured the essence of my sweet little furry girl, and I will treasure that gift for years to come.

"Lucy Rose, I'm SO SO SO glad you're back to creating art! I hope you do it for a long time for many people, like me, to enjoy! The Creator is alive in you and your creations!"

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