Saturday, March 2, 2019

To The End

I can't say for sure that this is the last post I'll write about our sweet little Kaylee girl, who died earlier this week.

But I will say that today the Lord met me in some profound ways and began to bring healing to the grief I've been experiencing over losing her.

Of all things, it came through looking at posts Claire's had made through the years on Instagram, featuring our little sweetie.

She had posts all the way back to 2012, just a year after Kaylee came into our family. And there was something so healing about seeing how much she'd been a part of our lives, well loved and tended to by all of us.

I am a person who likes to know I've done everything that was within my love, to care, to give. Not that I do those things perfectly, by any means. But I always want to give my best at the time.

Seeing these photos and remembering all our times with Kaylee, reminded me that she had a great life with us. Not only did she teach us things, but I know she felt well loved, secure and included in so many parts of our lives. Isn't that what a dog wants?!

This brings some closure to my heart in knowing I did my best with her. Even to the end.

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