Monday, March 18, 2019


With a 7:30 AM departure flight from the airport, Joyce and I said goodbye to Old Town Split at 4:30 this morning.

I'm not sure how we look so chipper as it was a short night of sleep!

The city hadn't woke up yet, so it was a quiet walk out, with just the roller wheels of our suitcases making noise on the cobblestone streets.

Cloudy skies met us at the airport as the sun began to rise.

When Joyce booked her flights last August for this sister trip, I found a flight out that would allow me to be with her on the first leg of her journey back to the States.

It made the beginning of our goodbye so much easier, flying out of Croatia together!

Glad I had a window seat to catch one last look at the sun rise, casting its pretty light over the Adriatic.

We landed in Munich, and even though our next flights were out of separate concourses, I was able to get us both into the lounge not far from her gate, to enjoy one last breakfast together .

See Joyce in the background?! 

But finally, it was time for us both to head to our gates. We were getting teary by this time.

Long hugs and more tears came as we stood out in the corridor, one of us needing to go to the left, and the other to the right.

With final "I love you's" and "Talk to you soon" we parted. My sister is somewhere in that picture, heading home to Denver. And I turned the other way to head home to Czech.

This has been a profound two weeks, spent with my dear sister-in-law. They are weeks that we will not only cherish for years to come, but build on as we continue our journey of sisterhood.

"Joyce, I am so grateful that God made a way for us to be sisters, and am so grateful for the years we've shared life together. But these two weeks were the most special yet! Thank you for coming, thank you for making so many sweet memories with me, and thank you for being a huge role model and inspiration to me all these years. I treasure you and feel even closer to you after these weeks together! Let's not wait too many years before we have sister time again!"

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