Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thirty Two!

Today marks thirty-two wonderful, happy and precious years of marriage to Dave!

But why do I share this picture on our anniversary?

Because it's actually from March 27, 1987, the day we were FIRST married! 😂

If you can read German, you can see that we are at the Gemeinde Sankt Leon-Rot Rathaus, the town hall in the village we lived in. According to German law, we had to be married here as our legal wedding before we were married on the 28th in our church wedding.

So here we are, being congratulated on our wedding (with my maid of honor, Jerri, looking on!) by the man who married us . . . whoever he was!

He signed our legal marriage certificate and off we walked through our town, married in the eyes of the law, but for us, not before God!

It's kind of a funny part of our wedding story, that we actually had two ceremonies.

Since we didn't consider this our real wedding day, we didn't invite anyone except our legal witnesses (my maid of honor and Dave's best man), and Dave's brother Josh, who accompanied us to take photos!

From here Dave and I had lunch at a nearby restaurant, and then went to our wedding rehearsal in nearby Schwetzingen! I wrote about our wedding a few years ago. You'll find that post HERE.

The Lord gave us a very special wedding that day, everything I'd ever wanted for my wedding day.

And life with Dave has been incredible all these years. My heart rejoices in God's goodness today at bringing us together thirty two years ago. ❤️

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  1. CONGRATS to you and Dave on #32. And's to 32 more! Love you both so much!!!!