Friday, March 1, 2019

Goodness of the Moment

Just one picture today...but a WHOLE lot of love!

We celebrated our friend Brian tonight, for his upcoming birthday this month. How we love he and his wife, Aleisha, and are thankful for the nine years that we've gotten to live and serve alongside them in JV.

It was exactly nine years ago today that they moved to Czech, spending their first night in country at our house!

Brian has served as the VP of Operations, working alongside Mel and Dave on the JV executive team. He and his family will be transitioning back to the States in May, and we are going to miss all of them like crazy.

But for one evening, tucked away in the Beskydy mountains at this restaurant, we enjoyed celebrating him and pretending that time stood still so we could all soak in the goodness of the moment.

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