Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sisters in Split

Good Morning Split!

It was ever so nice to wake up to yet another beautiful day here.

Joyce and I lingered over breakfast this morning, reminiscing and recounting the Lord's blessings and kindnesses to us during these weeks together on our sister trip. Don't you think we even look alike?!!

Neither of us had a sister growing up so when I married Dave thirty two years ago, we each gained the first sister we'd ever had!

All these years we've grown in our friendship, admiration and love for one another. But this trip has taken it to a whole other level.

We've spent hours upon hours hearing each other's hearts, finding out things we didn't know, and joining each other in our journey of life. This includes everything from our love for the Lord to our joy in our grandchildren! It's such a sweet blessing to share so many things in common....even a love for Croatia!

This evening we shared one more meal together in the heart of the old city here in Split, again in awe that the Lord gave this time to us.

Our time together has been more than we even hoped for! Rich and full, we are nourished in our hearts and souls.

"I love you sister!!!! Let's not wait 32 years to do another sister trip!!!"

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