Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Cold but Glorious!

When the bura blows, skies clear, colors brighten, and nature glistens!

It may not look like it, but there was a mighty wind blowing today as my sister-in-law and I were out and about to enjoy the glorious day here on Hvar.

Because the bura is a north wind, it can be cold too, which it definitely was today!

But it sure makes for beautiful sights here on the island.

We drove across the island, headed to a particular place I wanted to show her. But along the way there were so many beautiful sights because of the blowing bura.

You can't see the white caps in the photo above, but that channel between Hvar and the island of Brac is roaring with waves! I'm very happy to be on firm ground today, and not out there in a boat or on the ferry.

Spring is on its way here, so the vineyards are already putting out their green leaves on the vines.

And blossoms on trees are prolific!

I'm fascinated by the Mediterranean Cyprus trees here on Hvar - so majestic!

And it sure does look like the Lord's radiance over that church in Pitve doesn't it?!

We continued on to our destination today, and found this when we arrived. 😁

We are up at Humac, an uninhabited shepherd's village that I especially love bringing people too. The views from here are positively magnificent!

I'd love to be here in June when all that lavender is in bloom. But for today, Joyce and I are happy to see the views from these fields.

We headed into the village, population 0 on Wikipedia!

These stone houses, with their courtyards, balconies, stairways and narrow passageways, are absolutely charming. And they've done a lot of work on it since I was last there a year and a half ago.

So happy to bring Joyce here to see this!

Again, keep in mind that it is COLD and the wind is BLOWING! But we're the only ones visiting the village today so we had all the time we wanted for exploring.

Even looking inside this house that still has an old bed sagging in the corner, and a jar of something white on the shelves!

These kinds of sunny days bring such delight to my heart and soul. I actually asked Joyce to take this picture so I'd remember that joy of exploring on such a beautiful day!

We wandered all through the village, even over to the church along this pathway.

While they say this village dates back thousands of years, the church was "only" built in the 19th century, making it just a baby in comparison to these stone walls and houses!

Our bodies were definitely chilled by the cold, but we wouldn't have missed visiting this unique place on such a glorious day for anything!


  1. Oh my goodness! These pictures!! The clarity and color...Hvar is showing off all her glorious beauty!!

  2. Great memories of our visit to the stone village - population 0!