Thursday, March 14, 2019

Down By the Sea

It doesn't matter how many times I've been here to Sveta Nedjelja on Hvar, it's not a complete trip if I don't go down to say hello to the marina, quiet as it is at this time of year.

And say, "Good to see you again!" to the famous lone pine tree here.

The small bridge that connects the mainland to this rock outcropping where the tree stands its vigil, says it was built in 1938. Someday I'll have to ask our friends here if the tree is that old too!

While there was a stiff wind blowing this afternoon, it made for a spectacular view that I'm glad Joyce and I didn't miss!

The bura cleared out the air so it's very crisp today, making picture taking a special delight!

It's up on these mountain slopes that the vineyards of Zlatan Otok gets some of its grape for their award winning wine produced here in the village.

Their tagline is "Vineyard with a sea view". Now you know why!

The wind was picking up force as we were down there, which made getting a photo of the two of a challenge! We managed to get a few where it didn't look like we were whipped by the wind. But I like this one because it shows it like it is!

So glad I get to be here with my sister!

We're having the best time!

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