Saturday, March 16, 2019

Wandering in Split

After our two hour ferry ride from the island of Hvar to the mainland city of Split, my sister-in-law, Joyce, and I dropped our things off at the hotel, and on a recommendation, headed for an "off the beaten track" restaurant to get lunch.

And oh my, what a recommendation it was!

Šug is a new restaurant in Split that serves Croatian food, with a twist! We both ordered Bakalar, a Croatian speciality usually served at Christmas, of salted cod and potatoes mixed together. Doesn't sound good? You'll have to try it and see what you think!

We really enjoyed it...along with their dessert and coffee too!

After a very satisfying lunch, we headed into the old city to wander, enjoying the blue sky and sunshine.

It doesn't matter how many times I've wandered these narrow streets - every time feels like the first! I love all the stone, especially the polish of it beneath my feet. If only stones could talk, what a tale they'd tell!

We wandered out to the riva too, enjoying the happy atmosphere of many others out on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

We had fun taking photos in the late afternoon sunshine under the palm trees. We'll both be returning to much cooler weather so noted how nice it was to be out walking in warmth today!

Hoping there would be a sunset, we headed over to the ferry harbor to catch the last rays of the day.

Little did we know how spectacular it would be!

The vibrancy of this sunset was positively stunning, and seemingly never ending!

It went from pastels to fiery brilliance, all in a matter of a relatively short period of time.

On and on it went, deepening in color with each passing minute.

I would have kept taking pictures were it not for a dear 84 year old woman who stopped to talk to me!

Thank you for capturing that moment Joyce! 😉

By the time she'd finished telling us a short version of her life story, the sun was gone!

We continued our wanderings back into the old city, capturing one last pretty view of the day inside Diocletian's Palace.

How I love sharing all of this with my sister! 

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