Sunday, April 21, 2019

Meet Janko!

When we started vacationing in Croatia, our kids were very small; in fact, Claire hadn't even had her 3rd birthday when we first ventured down to the island of Krk, not far from Rijeka, in 1997.

I don't know if we discovered figs that year, but I know for sure she discovered them here on Hvar when we first vacationed here in 2008.

When we bought the land (that we would later build the house on with our friends) she asked if we could plant a fig tree that she could pick from someday.

That dream came true today, 11 years later!

While it's a small one, the garden shop man on the island told us that fig trees grow quickly so it's fine to plant a small one and watch it grow!

I don't know why I'm in the mood for naming things that we're planting this year (see HERE for the other tree I named this time), but somehow the fig tree feels like it needs a name since I have a feeling it will become the predominant force up here on the hill someday!

Can you even see it down there at the end?

I looked up Croatian names and their meanings, and have decided on this little fellow's name!

Meet Janko, the fig tree!

Janko, according to this website, means "Jehovah's gift, or grace".

That just seems like an appropriate name for something that will bring good gifts from the Lord, and is certainly a gift to our Claire who has waited a long time for this tree!

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