Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday at Nonnie's

For the past ten years, traveling for JV usually meant getting to see our kids (and their kids, once they had them!) somewhere along the way.

But now, coming home means getting to see some of them!

Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher came to spend the night last night so that Tyler could be up and out by 5:30 AM for an all day meeting a few hours away

That meant all day with these three at our house!

These two little guys are early risers...but today, Asher was up even earlier than usual.

At this point in the morning (9:30) he'd already been up FIVE AND A HALF HOURS!!! Oh bless his mommy and daddy for being so kind and loving with him at that time of day!

Thankfully it was a beautiful today so we could be outside, running off some of their little boy energy!

For Christmas, Dave gave me an awesome gift that I've been looking forward to using when the boys are over. Any ideas what it was??

What could be better than a picnic lunch out on the patio on a warm, spring afternoon, with fresh french fries from Nonnie's fryer ?!! 🤣 🤣 🤣Yes, I love french fries, and love that the boys do too!

The afternoon in the yard brought some fun soccer playing with our neighbor boys. They're so good with Judah and Asher!

While Asher isn't quite old enough to run after the ball, he sure did enjoy being out there with the kids!

It won't be long before he too is playing! He turns 2 in June.

Late afternoon snack time brought out all the smiles. 😀

As did a video call with daddy who was still at his meeting, sharing the vision of ForMission college, the theological educational program that's beginning this fall at Malenovice for students who want to get a bachelors degree in theology, mission and ministry!

Our day of fun ended with bedtime stories before prayers, hugs and kisses.

Oh how I love getting to share life with these sweet family members!

Saying goodnight to daddy who was on his way home!

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