Thursday, April 4, 2019

Camel Ride Anyone?

While I've never thought to have "spend the night in a bedouin tent" on my bucket list, I can now check it off after last night's stay here with the group of JV missionaries we're with in Israel right now.

All 44 of us stayed here last night at Chan Hashayarot, a bedouin camp that gives you a unique and authentic experience of nature and life in the desert.

I can't say that any of us slept super well (it was a very cold desert night with very thin sleeping bags!), but waking up in a tent with everyone who had just experienced the same thing was very bonding, and definitely more fun in the morning after we'd all survived the night!

And what do you do after breakfast in the bedouin camp?

Go visit the camels!

And take a ride on them.

We didn't get to ride very far; in fact, pretty much just in a circle following our bedouin guide. But the view from the camel's back was a spectacular sight of the Negev desert.

Most everyone had a chance to climb onto the camel's back and be hoisted into the air by him. It's definitely an experience we'll all remember!

By 8 AM we'd finished our camel rides and experience at the Bedouin camp, and were ready to head out for our day of study in the Old Testament!

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