Monday, April 22, 2019

The Early Ferry

If we want to get home from Hvar in one day it means getting to the first ferry of the day at 5:30 AM since the only other two that leave at this time of year are at 11:30 and 5:30 PM.

Making that early ferry means leaving the house at 4:30.

And that means getting up earlier than that!

At least the moon gave us a good send off as we locked up the house which is ready for another summer's rental season!

As we pulled out from the port, the sun was just starting to come up.

I went outside so I could catch the sunrise, but also caught a view back into the ferry of "my people"!

My short wait outside paid off as I watched the breaking of dawn.

Before we knew it, daylight was here!

And because we were on a faster ferry than usual, we were docking in Split just an hour and a half after having departed Hvar.

Now begins the 12 hour drive back home to all the good things awaiting us there!

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