Monday, April 29, 2019

Suchdol nad Odrou

On the train back from Prague today, we happened to make a stop here.

A town of just 2500 people today, Suchdol nad Odrou is one of the key towns where the Moravian Brethren fled from back in the early 1700's.

Persecuted for their faith, whole households from this town, and a few others nearby, fled to the estate of Count von Zinzendorf in 1722 and founded Herrnhut, which eventually sparked a spiritual awakening that led to the first modern missionary movement, and the unbroken prayer chain of 100 years.

Who would have ever guessed back then, that revival would spread from this little town?

In just three years, 2022, it will have been 300 years since those people fled for refuge and freedom of their faith. When they left they no doubt prayed that God would preserve a hidden seed, like John Amos Comenius, the pioneer of modern education and the last Bishop of the Bohemian Brethren, had prayed when he fled a hundred years earlier in 1627.

And now today, here we are in answer to their prayers: part of God's revival once again in this part of the world.

Just this past week-end, 45 minutes south of Suchdol, 1000 young people and their leaders gathered for the Fusiondary festival, where God's name was lifted up and proclaimed.

And this week, 45 minutes to the east of Suchdol, 350 JV missionaries and children will gather for our Spring conference, where again God's name will be lifted up.

Oh that a new revival would pour out from this part of the world! We continue to pray and believe God for it, standing in faith, action and prayer for it.

If you haven't joined us yet in the JV online Prayer Room, please come in this week to pray for this region and for our JV team! You'll be joining a long lineage of prayer warriors, believing God for His movement here.

Not only that, but I think it will be one of your most refreshing hours of the week!

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