Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Pure in Heart

Nothing says I'm back home in Czech more than a visit from my neighbor lady.

This photo was taken out of my kitchen window after the fourth time she'd come over today. I think she missed me while I was gone!

She and her brother live on the same lane as we do, and really are the sweetest neighbors. She keeps me informed about news in the neighborhood. Brings us fruit when it's in season at their house. Hauls the trash can down the lane on Tuesdays and waits for the garbage collector to come. Watches over the house when we're gone, letting me know if she sees unusual things.

And she prays for every person in our family, by name, every day.

Dave led her and her brother to Christ almost 15 years ago, and the fruit of their faith is evident!

She may get fixated on certain things (right now it happens to be on my book that she just found out I wrote, even though it's been out for three years...but she wants to know when it will be translated into Czech and asks me every time when she comes over, which means four times today!), but her heart is the purest I've ever seen, and she loves Jesus with that pure heart.

So even though we often talk about the same things over and over, her service to us means the world to me, and there's something so endearing about her that makes me thankful she's our neighbor, and reminds me of this verse.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

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