Thursday, April 25, 2019

Variety of Life

When we're in the States, people often ask me what a typical day looks like, or what I do in a normal week.

I usually answer, "No two days ever seem to look the same!"

It's a good thing I like variety because that's the life the Lord has given to me!

Why the picture of the baby toys?? Because today's variety task was shopping for our upcoming JV Spring conference. One of the things I do each year is buy gifts to celebrate the new babies born into JV families. On average, we have 8-10 new babies born every year!

I didn't end up buying any of those toys as it always takes me a while to look around and decide what gift to choose each year. But I will say that it's one of the fun tasks that I enjoy doing, even if it's just once a year.

I was also on the lookout for helping Claire gather JV Kid supplies for the program the kids will be in this coming week at conference.

There are about 55 school age JV kids who will be in a program working on writing projects, and learning to do improvisational speech and drama.

There are also over 50 children in our 0-5 age range! We have 14 people coming from Arizona just to take care of them!

I loved thinking about and praying for the JV kids as I was out and about today.

And loved another day God's variety of life for me!

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