Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Language Goals

When we first moved here to Czech in 1993 there were two things that scared me: going to the hairdresser and to the doctor.

Think about it! You have to use very specific words at those two places, and when you're learning a language, it means there is great potential for getting things wrong.

Believe me, I have personal experiences to back that one up!

But today while going to see a new doctor here in Czech, it reminded me of how far the Lord has brought me after all these years.

Not only can I understand, but I can (mostly) explain things, have conversation, and leave feeling like nothing went wrong!

Today's appointment wasn't a big deal...just seeing a skin doctor about a few moles (they were fine).

And I'm not anywhere near perfect at speaking Czech. You might think I was after 25 years of life here, but I'm not.

However, what I always said my goal was in language was to be able to do life here in whatever ways God required or led me in. And today was just a reminder from Him that He's helped me all along the way with that goal, which makes me very thankful.

It's nice to walk in a doctor's office and not be scared anymore!

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