Saturday, April 13, 2019

VIP's Arrival

This morning Amy and I went to the ferry in Stari Grad to pick up a VIP.

No, it wasn't any of the soccer players returning home to the island.

Nor was it a child or adult!

No, what we were picking up was not a VIP, as in a very important person.

Rather, we were picking up a very important PIECE!

After four days of being missing since our flight back to Croatia from Israel, Amy's missing piece of luggage was found. If only luggage could talk and tell us where it'd been!

It was delivered by a flight from Israel to Zagreb, then on a flight to Split. Somehow it was then transported to the ferry port in Split, and taken on a 2 hour ferry ride over to the island!

That's what I call a VIP! 😁And I'm so glad it made it back to its very important person!

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