Sunday, April 28, 2019

It Takes A Village

This week around 350 JV staff and their families, as well as child care workers, will gather at Malenovice for our annual 2nd culture spring family conference.

What is second culture? These are our staff and kids who are serving in a country other than where their passport is from. Throughout the year we have different events that train, equip and care for our JV staff, and this is the one that focuses on the needs that second culture missionaries and families have.

Preparing for this conference involves lots of people who work on a myriad of details to make it happen!

Dave prepares for the teaching, Amy and Martina coordinate all the housing, hotels and registrations, Claire is helping oversee the program for JV Kids, Denny arranges for everyone to pitch in for pick ups and returns to airports and train stations, our Communications team prepares the stage and oh so many other details, Ed gets sports tournaments coordinated, and a worship team led by Tyler is preparing to lead us into God's presence each day. And that's not even everyone! There are more people who are investing time and energy into preparing for this conference as well.

I don't know who coined the phrase, "It takes a village..." but it's certainly true when it comes to prepping for JV conferences, that it takes a village to pull them off with God honoring excellence!

I happened to be tasked with running an errand to Prague, so hopped on a train this afternoon to head there.

It's been five months since I was last in Prague, so I was happy to do my part, making the most of my errand running by walking on the Charles Bridge, despite the rain-laden clouds that were threatening to let loose any moment!

Tomorrow our country leaders, their wives and families will arrive to begin JV Council, meetings for leadership that take place ahead of every spring and fall conference. They too are doing their part in this movement of God that we all pray for.

I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days, continuing our press towards knowing Christ more, and being part of his transformational work here in Central and Eastern Europe.

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