Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Returning to our Roots

After a long drive from home yesterday, and an overnight in Zagreb, Croatia, we found ourselves on a flight this morning headed for Israel!!

Tomorrow at noon we'll be meeting up with a group of JV missionaries to begin an Old Testament study tour for a week.

Flying out of Zagreb!

Mel, Amy, Dave and I traveled together today, stopping in Istanbul for a layover - the last time we'll probably be at this particular airport.

A brand new one that's been built over the past 4 years is opening this coming week, so when we fly back through next week, we'll be at the new airport. That sure doesn't happen very often, getting to fly through a brand new airport!

We flew into Tel Aviv this evening, right before sunset. It's nice to see that familiar shoreline!

Since our tour starts at noon tomorrow, and it's difficult to get there from Europe by noon tomorrow, most everyone flew in sometime today and we're all spending the night in different places in Tel Aviv tonight.

This is a brand new tour for us as we've usually done one on the chronological life of Christ and disciple-making. But this time we're going back to our roots in the Old Testament, so will be visiting many different places than in past trips.

I have been SO excited about this trip, so can hardly wait to meet up with everyone tomorrow to get started!

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