Monday, November 20, 2017

Appointments and Coffee

Growing up in Oregon, we didn't need to have winter tires. The occasional snowfall didn't last for long, and if it did, we just stayed home! I think most vehicles used all-weather tires so they stayed on until it was time to change to a new set of all-weathers.

But here in Czech, most all of us have a set of summer tires, and a set of winter tires. And it's actually a law that you must change them seasonally. I'm guessing you wouldn't get a ticket for having winter tires in the summer, but you could definitely be fined for having summer tires in winter.

And so today, I found myself here.

Neither of those are my car; it was just the view from the waiting room!

You can imagine that if every person who owns a car in Czech has to change tires twice a year (by a certain date) that it's best to make an appointment for that tire change. And today happened to be our appointment.

I waited in a cold room while they changed my tires, wishing that the coffee machine on the counter actually worked.

Ironically, today held another appointment as well. It's honestly a pleasure to see this nurse and the doctor (not pictured) every year - kind of like going to see old friends. I've been coming here off and on for almost twenty years!

All that out and about needed some coffee this afternoon, since the tire shop hadn't had any! 😉

A friend and I laughed, talked, teared up and just had a wonderful time of catching-up with each other over that coffee.

For my first day up and about after five days of sickness, it was a good one!

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