Saturday, November 25, 2017

David and Katka's Wedding Day

On this windy Saturday afternoon, a groom stood waiting for his bride!

David, an American who came to serve with JV in Latvia, stood at the alter waiting for his beautiful bride, Katka. She trusted Christ in Havirov as a high schooler, then became part of our family as a beloved older sister/daughter/friend. She went on to Bible college in the States and then came back to serve with us in Czech, until a few years ago when she sensed God leading her to join our JV Latvia team.

That turned out to be a very good thing!

Today, David and Katka came here to join their lives together as husband and wife in front of these witnesses, who love these two people so very much!

As she came down the aisle, she radiated as a bride who is already well loved by her soon to be husband!

It was a privilege for Dave to be asked to bring the message and marry them! They chose for him to speak in English, and our good friend Dušan translated into Czech for those in the audience that needed it.

There were so many points along the way where I choked up as I watched our dear Katka pledge her life to David. I've known her for twenty two years, so we've walked through a lot of life together. It made this day all the sweeter, getting to share in this very significant event with her.

After saying their vows, they took communion and were pronounced husband and wife. A great cheer went up as they walked down the aisle as a newly married couple!

One of the traditions at a Czech wedding that I love is a picture taken of the bride and groom with all their guests. They came back in to the front and we all gathered around them for the photo.

My heart just soared with love for them, and the joy of sharing in this day together with them.

Hugging Katka afterward was the sweetest moment ... rejoicing with her in God's goodness to bring she and David together.

Introducing Mr and Mrs David Roney!!

It was also special to share in this day with so many of our JV family members, as well as our own family members!

Our first picture all together with Charlie, his parents and all his grandparents!

Later in the afternoon we all headed over to the reception location to continue the celebration with David and Katka.

This picture may be a bit blurry, since I was taking it quickly not to impede their walk to the head table, but I love the joy it captures in both of their faces!

They were headed here to join their wedding party which included these three lovely ladies...a Czech, a Latvian and an American who served with JV in Slovakia a few years ago!

L-R: Martina, Lelda and Laura

The rest of the evening was absolutely full of fun, joy, fellowship, dancing and great food! It was a night I won't soon forget, being with so many people that we love and enjoy, all celebrating our dear friends, David and Katka.

David and Katka, how we all are rejoicing over God's amazing design that brought you two together! 
We pray for a long, happy, rich, meaningful marriage that brings honor to the Lord and much delight to the two of you! 
You are SO well suited for each other, and I know you're going to love each other well for many, many years to come! 
We love you so much and wish you every blessing from the Lord!!!

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