Saturday, November 11, 2017

Judah: Celebrating Two!

Two years ago, on a stormy Veteran's Day night in Chicago, this precious first grandson of ours made his entrance into the world.

Photo credit: Aunt Claire!

From that day forward, Judah gave Dave and I a new identity: Grandparents ("Papa and Nonnie", to be specific).

I didn't know one's heart could hold so much love for grandchildren (and we have three of them now!). But I learned that night, as I held Judah for the first time, that there is a special love that wells up inside of you when you have a grandchild.

Though we aren't with Judah to celebrate his second birthday today, I'm thinking of him and praying for him. And looking forward to the day when he and his family move here to Czech, and to many birthday celebrations that are in front of us after that!

Happy Birthday dearest Judah from Papa and Nonnie who love you so much!!!

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