Thursday, November 2, 2017

JHCA: Discover Classical Learning

On a snowy Thursday evening, something special happened in Jackson!

Tonight was Jackson Hole Classical Academy's once a year "Discover Classical Learning" evening, and we "just happened" (the Lord definitely worked that out!) to be here for it.

Our dear friend, Polly, is the heart, visionary and leader of the school. She opened the evening with an impassioned speech sharing her thoughts on why classical education is important, and why doing it with a Christian perspective is so vital.

Parents, perspective parents and friends of the academy then had the privilege of experiencing the school through five different lessons taught in fifteen minutes each by the faculty.

Dave and I chose the upper school track, starting with Miss Porter in American history. She truly made me want to go back to school and learn that all over again!

Next it was on to geometry with Dr. Wagner, who in just fifteen minutes brought that subject to life!

Miss Koci, an effervescent teacher originally from Albania, led us in a lesson on half and whole steps!

And Mr. Landis made me want to go back to school and be in his class for science! We even got to do an experiment with him.

Mr. Walter finished out the incredible evening of excellence with a literature lesson from "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Whenever we're at JHCA it always makes me wish I could go back to school!

Their passion for education, their love for the Lord, and their excellence in teaching is very inspiring. What a treat to be there for this beautiful evening of taking in the advantages and joys of a classical education!

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