Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sleeping, and More Sleeping

After a great doctor's appointment and a wonderful time with my sister-in-law in Vienna yesterday, trouble struck on the way home in the train.

Some sort of virus hit me head on, which truly had me wondering if I'd make it home in one piece.

Five minutes from arriving into Ostrava, I'm documenting that the Lord gave grace to make it that far

I barely made it, going straight to bed when I arrived home. I have been there ever since.

It feels like it's some sort of flu virus since I have all the classic signs. I can't believe how swiftly it struck after having felt fine all day in Vienna. I can absolutely thank the Lord for the timing of that.

My faithful companion spent the entire day and evening here with me as I slept most of that time today.

Trusting the Lord for relief tomorrow.

**You may wonder how I can blog when I feel so sick. After sleeping most of the day, I needed something to break up the monotony of doing nothing before heading back to sleep for the night!**

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