Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's All in the Contrast

It rained all day yesterday here on Hvar, which was fine with me. I slept nearly 15 hours. As I used to say to my kids when they slept a lot, "Your body must have needed it". Guess the same applied to me.

Today we had rain in the morning, and more rain tonight (wow, what a storm it was!). But in between today, we had such a variety of "faces" in the sky.

For the one hour we had sunshine, Dave took advantage of it as he worked on writing outside.

Then the clouds began to really roll in, causing a spectacular sunset.

The significance of this didn't escape me. Without those clouds, it would have been just an ordinary sunset.

But because of the clouds, it produced more color, more texture, more spectacular-ness! Isn't that the way life is too? It would be boring to have only blue sky every day. The "clouds" is what provides variety and contrast. In fact, that's one of Dave's favorite sayings, "It's all in the contrast!"

That was no more true than what the Lord produced tonight in this sunset!

It is so good to be here, letting the Lord refresh and nourish me, body and soul.

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  1. Such a beautiful sky for you to enjoy. Love seeing it and imagine it's a bit colder than just a month ago.
    Thanks for all of the blogs...Charlie is so cute!