Sunday, November 26, 2017

Family Sunday

Look who came to church with us this morning!

Throughout the time of worship, Charlie was so attentive, hardly taking his eyes off the girl playing piano right in front of him. You always wonder what's going through a baby's mind don't you?!

Our friend Dušan brought the three of them up front to share about where God is leading them, and then so kindly prayed over them. It was great to have them here this morning.

After church we went into Ostrava to have lunch at our favorite mall.

Charlie is so easy going (his parents are too!) that he contentedly goes along with whatever the plan is!

For my Czech friends...we thought he looked like a cute little trpaslík!

We enjoyed a good meal together, and then wandered the mall a bit. It's decked out in its Christmas finery which feels so festive.

A stop for some good coffee at Ostravanka was a must!

While the ever changing mood lights in the mall make for some pretty funny looking pictures, this was such a sweet moment connecting with Charlie!

One last family photo at the mall, and then we headed for home and our last evening together.

I was happy to hold Charlie for his evening nap!

And Papa got in some more smiles with Charlie.

It has been ever so sweet to watch Caleb and Haley parent their son - they are really good at it!

I had to chuckle when I looked up on the wall in Caleb's childhood room and noticed this sign.

Bought by Caleb almost nine years ago on a trip to Berlin, it turned out to be prophetic in the naming of his son!

I'm so thankful we had these wonderful days with Caleb, Haley and Charlie!

Come back again soon! 😉

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