Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Long Way There

This plane is not the one we are supposed to be on today. In fact, we were stuck for a few hours waiting for a plane to take us to our destination.

We got onboard this morning, were all settled, with the whole plane loaded, when the flight attendant came on and said, "Folks, this plane will not be flying today. Please gather your belongings and exit the plane. We will update you as soon as we find another plane to take you to your destination."

And that was all the explanation we ever received!

The crazy thing is, we weren't even supposed to be on this plane. We received an email last night from United saying there were thunderstorms in Chicago so they urged us to switch flights at no cost.

So four hours later than we should have been, we were finally on our way, arriving late into Atlanta, our destination for the night.

This visit was not about fundraising, or updating about JV, or even just catching up with someone.

It was a hospital visit to be with friends.

I can't share details, but I will say that the faith in the Lord being displayed in this place, against the backdrop of heartache and sorrow, is so beautifully admirable and preciously honoring to God. We love these people and our hearts ache with them.

We went just to be there, listen, and pray for them.

And after a long day of travel with little food, where do you go at close to midnight??

Somehow it was the right place to go as we processed the soberness of what our friends are living through. We prayed for them there too, asking the Lord to hold them, lead them, and bring beauty from ashes.

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