Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Daily Dose of Encouragement

Do you ever need a daily dose of encouragement? Or a reminder that God is at work?

One of my favorite ways to be encouraged and reminded of God's awesome power at work is to spend time reading answers to prayer in the JV Prayer Room.

Every day I spend time editing answers and prayer requests, and while I love the requests, I REALLY love hearing the answers! More than 7000 hours of prayer have been prayed for hundreds of requests that our team has posted this year. I have yet to count the number of answers to those requests, but they are MANY.

Want to read some of them? Click HERE and scroll through to read what God's been doing.

One of the other places of encouragement in the Prayer Room is the Reflection Wall.

You can find the Reflection Wall HERE!

After you spend an hour in the Prayer Room, you're given the opportunity to respond by posting your thoughts, prayers or comments. Earlier this week someone posted this:

"This was my first time ever joining this room for an hour of prayer. I was invited by a friend to cover Serbia in the room for an hour of prayer. I was unsure what to expect but I said I would love to. The first 10 minutes of being led through everything I just sat and cried as God met with me. We sat together side by side and he just ministered to my heart as he prepared me to be praying for you all. The time I spent in prayer with him, at his knees bringing your prayers and requests before him was unlike anything I have felt before. It was amazing, I am so thankful I got to pray over you all and for the countries and places that had requests. I know I will be doing this again and I can't wait. Thank you for letting me pray for you all and I will continue to be praying..."

Oh how much joy this brings to my heart, knowing that the Prayer Room is not just a place to make requests of God, but to actually spend time in his PRESENCE! 

If you haven't tried an hour in the Prayer Room, can I encourage you to sign up and just give it a try?? That's THE BEST dose of encouragement!

There is something special happening in this place, and I don't want you to miss out on it. People are meeting with the Lord in there, and being encouraged by what God is doing here in Central and Eastern Europe. And they're praying for us.

Click HERE to register and then book your hour with the Lord. You'll be encouraged, I guarantee!

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