Sunday, November 19, 2017

Neighborly Love

From the couch, where I'm still laying (it's been four days of being sick now), I could hear noise going on outside ...  the chugging engine of the lawn mower, chatty children's voices speaking Czech, and the voices of Dave and Pavel, our neighbor.

I finally got up to investigate.

On this wintry Sunday afternoon, they are collecting the last of our woodpile from out front, putting it in the trailer, and driving it around to the side of our house!

This is a gift of neighborly love to us!

There is nothing like having a stack of wood ready for the winter, under the cover of our porch. On snowy nights later on, we'll just step out and grab some to bring inside for a fire.

Five years ago we had a huge load of logs delivered to our house that Dave and friends split and stacked. That pile has lasted until now!

I don't know if it will see us through another winter, but I'm sure enjoying the fruits of their labor, even right now, from my perch on the couch.

Feeling very thankful: for my husband's care for me, for the kindness of neighbors, and for an awesome fireplace that ministers to my body and soul!

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