Monday, November 27, 2017

On the Road Again

Normally goodbyes are hard, something I sure never look forward to. But thankfully, we will see Charlie and his parents in just three weeks so this made today's goodbye a whole lot nicer!

Nevertheless, Charlie won't be back here at our house for quite a while, so in that way I want to document and remember his first visit to our house, right down to the last moments of it.

Three weeks from now, we'll all be in Illinois for the wedding of a very dear friend of ours. That will be so fun to blog about!

But for now, we're off to Bratislava, Slovakia to take Caleb, Haley and Charlie to see Haley's dad, mom, sister and brother.

Once again, Charlie went along with the plan, and literally slept the entire way there, nearly three hours. He's already a really good traveler.

After a quick stop in the IKEA parking lot at a mall in Bratislava where we met up with Haley's family, we said quick goodbyes and headed on to Vienna.

It's such a funny thing to go downtown, NOT because we're sight-seeing, but because I need to pick up a prescription for medicine! It was a nice excuse to walk around and see the Christmas market at St. Stephens though.

We then got ourselves situated in the car and drove for 8 hours, down to Split, Croatia where we are spending the night.

We'll head over to Hvar sometime tomorrow!

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