Friday, November 24, 2017

Charlie Visits the Neighbors

Waking up to these faces is pure joy!

We have Caleb, Haley and Charlie here with us for the week-end, through Monday when they'll head to Bratislava to spend some time with Haley's family before returning to Colorado.

While there are many things we'd love to do together, one definitely involves a visit to our neighbors.

These dear neighbors, a brother and sister, have been patiently waiting the past two days since Caleb and Haley arrived; they are so anxious and excited to meet Charlie!

For the past two years they've been praying for Caleb and Haley, that God would mercifully grant them a child after they miscarried their first sweet baby. I can't tell you how many times over the past two years that Danka, the sister, has come to my door to inquire about Caleb and Haley. When I first told her they were pregnant again, she got a huge grin on her face, held her hands up to the sky, and said, "God is good!"

And now today, she gets to see the visible evidence of his goodness.

What these two don't have materially, they make up for in generous love and kind prayers for our family. It was one of my greatest delights to be there when they came outside to see the fruit of their prayers!

With Caleb translating, Haley thanked them for faithfully praying for them through the miscarriage, and then through the pregnancy with Charlie. I am sure it meant so much to them to know how valuable they are through their faithful and faith-filled prayers!

It wouldn't be "Czech" of them to smile...the older generation typically doesn't smile for photos. But in real life, they simply glow with smiles! Their love for the Lord runs deep, as does their love for our family. How we treasure them.

Charlie is blessed with love from many, including this dear brother and sister.

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