Tuesday, December 19, 2017

God's Little Surprises

In case you missed previous posts, we've been in the States for a wedding this past week-end, as well as for Claire's commissioning service at our home church in the Chicago area.

We flew from Chicago to Munich last night, and then on to Prague this afternoon. And arrived with all the bags we're bringing for Claire! Now that's something to praise the Lord for...that they all made it!

Getting all these bags home in our car is another story!

We left from Prague last Thursday, after traveling up from two weeks in Croatia. Which meant we already had things in the car. But Dave, the optimistic, capable packer that he is, believed we could fit everything in.

He brought suitcases over from the van that had delivered us to our car (at a parking lot in Prague where we'd left it), and starting his expert packing job.

And...he got everything in, with just a few cracks here and there to spare!

I'm still amazed that he did it!

We headed into the city for two meetings before being able to drive home.

But one last fun fact from our flight! When we arrived in Munich I turned my phone on and found an email from a long time friend of mine who I knew as a high schooler during our missionary days in Germany. She and her husband have now been missionaries for at least twenty years in Germany, and have just sent their first child to college this year.

And that young woman was on our flight! She wrote her mom from Chicago to say she thought she recognized us, but wasn't sure. So her mom wrote me and said, "If you're on the flight, see if you can find Madeline".

I did! I waited for her when we got off the plane in Munich. What a delight she is! And how fun that we were on the same flight together.

God's little surprises never cease to amaze me!

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  1. I’m still shocked you got all of that in!! Jeff and Sonya say, “Your dad is amazing for figuring that out!” I’m grateful he has handy skills like packing! ;)