Sunday, December 3, 2017

Investing in the Next Generation

This evening I was praying in the JV Prayer Room on my phone (the best of technology when you can use it for something like that!) when these dear faces appeared.

What's even crazier is that exactly at the time I was praying for them, an email came in from Lara. I read it quickly, especially noting one sentence at the end:

10% to go!!!

This precious family is so close to being able to come serve alongside us in the Czech Republic.

They have faithfully and obediently walked the support raising journey this past year, trusting God's timing for their departure. And it's coming closer and closer!

Would you consider partnering with them for this last 10%? You'll be helping them get to Czech to train, disciple, support and care for the youth of this country.

You can read their latest blog post HERE that tells about the journey of the past year. And you can see their bio page on the Josiah Venture website HERE. There is a giving button on that page if you are interested in getting them over the line and out to Czech.

Many of you reading this have stood with our family for the past twenty four years as we have served with Josiah Venture. It thrills our hearts that our children are now carrying on the vision and legacy of reaching young people with the Gospel throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Thank you for investing in all of us!

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