Saturday, December 16, 2017

Noah and Jill's Wedding

This wedding started in the very sweetest way: Noah, the groom, began with worship before the ceremony began, saying "I want my heart to be in the right place."

How precious to start their big day in such a God honoring manner.

Noah's two grandma's, Troy Ellenwood and Nancy Klopfenstein, were walked down the aisle, as was Jill's grandma (though I don't have a photo of her).

And then it was the mother's turns...Jill's mom first.

And then Amy, beaming on her son's arm!

It's a tender moment when a mom hugs her son just before sending him on to wait for his bride!

The two moms then went together to the altar to light candles that would be joined later in the ceremony by their children.

I loved seeing Noah catch this next moment with his dad, as they stood in the front waiting for the wedding party to come join them...and of course, most importantly, for the bride!

What a sweet moment to catch my friend's smile, as we waited for everyone to come down the aisle!

After the wedding party entered, it was time for this beautiful bride to come in on her father's arm.

And what a stunning bride she was!

One more tender moment between Jill and her dad before she takes Noah's hand.

Weddings are filled with such deep and wonderful emotion...and this one was one of those moments, watching the two of them climb the stairs to begin the process of becoming husband and wife.

Noah's two sisters, Hannah and Haley, sang a beautiful worship song, and I loved that towards the end, Noah raised his hands, with one around Jill. SO sweet!!

Mel gave a wonderful message to the couple about their roles as messengers and ambassadors of God's message of reconciliation, encouraging them to make it their goal to always exalt Christ. Knowing Noah and Jill, I am pretty sure they will do that the rest of their lives!

As Hannah and Hayley sang "Christ is Enough", which includes the timeless song "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus", Noah and Jill lit the unity candle signifying their oneness in Christ.

It was a beautiful and tenderly emotional moment as they connected with each other during this song.

Mel then prayed for them, "I pray that you will set your gaze on Christ, and that beyond anything else, you will focus on him. May you experience together great unity and oneness because this is how God designed it to be."

I took notes while he was praying because it was SO tender and meaningful!

Finally the moment came to pronounce them husband and wife...and that Noah could now kiss his bride!

Oh the joy on their faces as they began their first walk together, down the aisle as Mr and Mrs Noah Ellenwood!

Yes, they are definitely happily married!!

A reception followed at the church afterward - a happy time to greet the couple.

And then it was time to send them off in a cascade of bubbles!

We are so thrilled by marriage of Noah and Jill! These two are amazing people, who not only love each other well, but have fierce and loyal love for many others. I can't wait to see what God has in store for them as husband and wife!

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  1. Oh, friend...just now seeing this! Gets me teary all over again. Thank you for capturing these special moments for us all!