Saturday, December 23, 2017

Shirley's in the House

This afternoon Dave took off in one direction, and Claire and I headed in another, all of us about the same task: getting ready for Christmas!

Claire and I were also checking out furniture possibilities for her new apartment along the way. When we passed this guy in Kika, I was totally entranced by him! What a good looking fellow, isn't he?

Up on the next floor, his cousins were hanging out by the Christmas tree.

And downstairs, their female cousin was looking very pretty! I don't know what it was about these moose (by the way I looked it up and there is no plural for moose!), but I just wanted her to go home with one of us!


I love 50% off sales!!!!

She'll be a nice addition to her apartment - a bit of whimsy for her and the JV kids when they come to visit!

And by the way...this gal gained a name shortly after we put her in the car: Shirley!

She's a visible reminder to Claire of Psalm 23: "Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life"!

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  1. Ginger is going to LOVE this post! We prayed for you on December 19 and love watching you settle into your new calling... with Shirley!